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Midterm exam

The midterm exam began at 5pm on Thursday November 7. It will last for 48 h and solutions should be uploaded via Canvas by 5pm on Saturday November 9.

Solutions are available:

Previous midterms

Midterms from the last two years are available for practice:

Solutions are also available:

A note about writing

If you read any textbook or scientific article, you will see that there is a standard way of writing mathematics, in which equations form part of full sentences and occur naturally with the flow of the text. While completely optional, you may wish to practice this in writing your assignments. In general, the solutions and notes posted here try to adhere to this standard.

One way to write mathematics like this is to make use of the free software package LATEX, which can produce very high quality scientific documents, and is used extensively by mathematicians, physicists, and engineers. There is an excellent guide, The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX2ε, which can be used to get started. The homework assignments and solutions are all written in LATEX.