Conference on Complex Analysis and Geometry
on the occasion of Sidney Webster's 70th birthday
Friday, March 27th through Sunday, March 29th 2015
Van Vleck Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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We ask that all participants please register by February 13th. There is no registration fee. There is a banquet planned for Saturday which will have a $28 fee for those who attend; we will take cash or check when you arrive. For those paying by check, please make it out to Imperial Garden Chinese Resturant.


Printable copy of abstracts and printable copy of the schedule.

Confirmed speakers: Daniel Burns, Peter Ebenfelt, Xiaojun Huang, J. J. Kohn, Sergey Pinchuk, Mei-Chi Shaw, Yum-Tong Siu, Laurent Stolovitch, Liz Vivas, Paul Yang.

Speakers may click here for instructions.

Friday, March 27

1:00-1:20PM Registration 9th floor lounge
1:30-2:20PM On the work of Sidney Webster Xiaojun Huang B115
2:30-2:50PM Stokes phenomenon in CR-geometry Ilya Kossovskiy B115
3:00-3:20PM Distributional boundary values of holomorphic functions on piecewise smooth domains Debraj Chakrabarti B115
3:30-4:00PM Coffee and Refreshments 9th floor lounge
4:00-4:50PM Sums of squares and applications to projective and CR geometry Peter Ebenfelt B115

Party: At 7:00PM on Friday there will be a party at Gong and Zhuang's house. 113 Frigate Dr., Madison, WI. Phone number: (608) 262-3545. Light snacks, wine, and cheese will be served.

Saturday, March 28

7:45-8:20M Coffee 9th floor lounge
8:30-9:20AM Strong rigidity and the Hodge theory of representing classes by CauchyRiemann manifolds Yum-Tong Siu B239
9:30-10:20AM Some global properties of tubes Daniel Burns B239
10:30-10:50AM Direct proof of termination of the Kohn algorithm in the real-analytic case Andreea Nicoara B239
11:00-11:50AM Analysis on CR manifolds Joseph J. Kohn B239
12:00-1:30PM Lunch Break On your own
1:30-2:20PM Topology of Dolbeault cohomology groups Mei-Chi Shaw B239
2:30-2:50PM Non-existence of smooth Levi-flat hypersurfaces with positive normal bundle in compact Kähler manifolds of dimension ≥ 3 Séverine Biard B239
3:00-3:20PM Coffee Break 9th floor lounge
3:30-4:20PM Real submanifolds of maximum complex tangent space at a CR singular point and dynamics Laurent Stolovitch B239
4:30-5:00PM Group Photo TBA

Banquet: There will be an informal banquet at 6:30 on Saturday at Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant, 2039 Allen Boulevard, Middleton. The fee for the banquet is $28. You can register for the banquet when you register for the conference.

Sunday, March 29

7:45-8:20AM Coffee and refreshments 9th floor lounge
8:30-9:20AM Critical sets of proper holomorphic mappings (joint results with R. Shafikov) Sergey Pinchuk B239
9:30-10:20AM Parabolic manifolds associated to formal invariant curves Liz Vivas B239
10:30-11:20AM The Q-prime Curvature equation in CR geometry Paul Yang B239


Guests will stay at the Lowell Center, and will be arranged by the organizers. The room comes with wireless internet. Breakfast is provided by the hotel, and the hotel has a fitness room, swimming pool, and a sauna. The Lowell Center is a short walk from the mathematics department, where the conference is held.


All talks will take place in Van Vleck Hall.

The best airport to fly into is Dane County Regional Airport (airport code MSN). From there, it is easiest to take a taxi into town (the price of the taxi should be $20-$30, including tip).

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This conference was organized by John Erik Fornæss, Xianghong Gong, Jiří Lebl, and Brian Street. You can contact the organizers by sending an email to

Partially supported by the National Science Foundation, the Insitute for Mathematics and its Applications, and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
For questions or more information please contact the organizers by emailing