Madison Conference on        Nonlinear
May 28 - 30, 2000
Department of Mathematics, UW Madison, Wisconsin

Invited Speakers

H. Brezis Lifting in Sobolev Spaces
A.Bahri Flowlines for a Variational Problem associated to a Contact Form on a Space of Dual Legendrian Curves
H. Hofer From the Variational Structure of Hamiltonian Dynamics to Holomorphic Curves
M. Crandall The Mysterious Infinity Laplacian
J.N. Mather Action Mininimizing Orbits: A Survey
S. Bolotin Symbolic Dynamics near Hyperbolic Invariant Tori of Hamiltonian Systems
V. Coti-Zelati  Multibump solutions for rapidly oscillating second order Hamiltonian systems
P. E. Souganidis Fully Nonlinear Stochastic PDE
D.Sattinger Continued Fractions and Integrable Systems
D.G.Aronson Symmetry Breaking Bifurcations in Porous Medium Flow
A.Ambrosetti On some Elliptic Equations arising in Differential Geometry

Organizing committee:

M. Slemrod, S.B.Angenent


A tentative schedule of talks and other activities.

There will be a RECEPTION in the Math department at 7:30pm on Saturday the 27th, i.e. on the evening preceding the conference. On sunday evening 6:30pm, a DINNER for all participants will be organized in the math department. Both events will be held in the 9th floor lounge of the math department buiding, Van Vleck Hall

Contributed talks

Participation by beginning researchers (Postdocs, recent PhDs, graduate students) is encouraged and funds for partial support of travel & local expenses are available.
To attend the meeting please send e-mail to To apply for funds please also  include your current affiliation, the (expected) date of your PhD degree, name of thesis advisor, and a rough description of the thesis topic.

Lodging and local information

Campus Map of Madison
More information about the university and its surroundings can be found on the math department website.

Lodging is available at the J.F.Friedricks Center, which is within walking distance of the math department and downtown Madison. Send e-mail to the J.F.Friedricks Center at .