Math 873
Fall 2014

Instructor: Uri Andrews
Email: (My last name)
Office: 513 Van Vleck Hall
Office Hours: Please just drop by.
Class Room: B305
The purpose of this page is to accumulate links to materials that may have become pertinent in this course.

Materials related to this course:

  1. Ash and Knight's text "Computable Structures and the Hyperarithmetical Hierarchy."
  2. David Marker's Thesis (can be proquested - or ask me for a pdf)
  3. Knight's article True Approximations and Models of Arithmetic. Though I will cover these theorems, I will give my own presentation of these results which differ somewhat seriously from Knight's presentation.
  4. Steve Simpson's notes on the Matiyasevich-Davis-Robinson-Putnam theorem.
  5. Lerman and Schmerl's article Theories with Recursive Models (on aleph_0-categorical theories)
  6. Knight's article Nonarithmetical Aleph_0-Categorical Theories with Recursive Models
  7. My article with Joe Miller Spectra of Theories and Structures
  8. My article with Julia F. Knight Spectra of Atomic Theories
  9. Lachlan and Soare's articles on forcing with partial presentations of Scott sets:
    1. Models of arithmetic and upper bounds for arithmetic sets
    2. Models of Arithmetic and Subuniform Bounds for the Arithmetic Sets
  10. My article with Mingzhong Cai, David Diamondstone, Steffen Lempp, and Joseph S. Miller Theory Spectra and Classes of Theories
  11. I'll add more here (if not, remind me), as more things become pertinent.