Math 770
Fall 2018

Instructor: Uri Andrews
Email: (My last name)
Office: 723 Van Vleck Hall
Class Room: B235


Homeworks will be regularly assigned and posted here with due-dates. If you do not yet have the textbook and need to know what the problems are, please drop me an e-mail.
  1. Due Thurs Oct. 4: Exercises I.2.1, I.6.3, I.6.11, I.6.13, I.6.15, I.6.17, I.6.20, I.7.13, I.7.16, I.7.17, I.7.19, I.7.21, I.7.22, I.7.23, I.8.10, I.8.11, I.8.13, I.8.22, I.8.23 (i.e. all the exercises in the text on pages $\leq 43$)

Source of Problems:

A good source of problems can be found in the "E" section of old qualifying exams. They can all be found here. If you are a math graduate student, do consider taking either 771/773/776 and the logic qual. After this course, you'll be half way there!


  1. Itai Ben Yaacov's notes for 770
  2. Andres Caicedo's notes on proving compactness via the ultraproduct construction.