Math 571

Office hours

513 Van Vleck Hall
Monday 3:15-5:15


The main text for the course is A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, Second Edition by Herbert B. Enderton. The text is a little too introductory, and will be supplemented by other things. I'll let you know. Likely other sources include Mathematical Logic by Ebbinghaus, Flum, and Thomas, and Model Theory: An Introduction by Marker. I'll let you know when we're venturing away from the content in our main text.


There will be two in-class midterms on 10/9 and 11/6, and a final on 12/21.


There will be weekly homework assignments, posted here.
  1. Homework 0. Due 9/9.
  2. Homework 1. Due 9/16.
  3. Homework 2. Due 9/23.
  4. Homework 3. Due 10/2.
  5. Homework 4. Due 10/28.
  6. Problems from Enderton: 2.4:1-4,6,8,9,11 2.5: 2,3,6. Due: 11/27

Instructions on homework presentation:

Recall that this is a proof-based course, and thus a strict level of rigor is necessary in your solutions. Pictures are never proofs, but are always encouraged along with proofs.

Please put the problems in order and staple your homework in the upper left corner. UNSTAPLED HOMEWORK will be creatively dealt with at the discretion of the grader. Please use complete sentences. Your solution should not be just a sequence of equations and formulas. Make sure that your presentation is clean. Do not submit solutions with crossed out parts. Recopy problems if necessary.

It is okay, even encouraged, if you work on the homeworks in groups. The written solutions, though, must be your own, and you must acknowledge that you worked in a group, giving the name of each member of the group.


Your grade will be comprised of the two midterms (20% each), a final (30%), and homeworks (30%).