723 Van Vleck Hall

Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin
480 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706-1388


My research lies in the area of Mathematical Logic. I am broadly interested in many topics from mathematical logic. My main focus is on the areas of Recursion Theory, Model Theory, and the natural blending of the two: Recursive Model Theory.

Recursive Model Theory is the study of the connection between elementary properties of a theory and problems of computation regarding its models. For example, Julia Knight and I showed that if a theory is strongly minimal and has one recursive model, then all of its countable models are computable from $0'''$. This is very much not true for general theories (e.g. arithmetic), and encapsulates the computability-theoretic content of strong minimality.

Other Stuff I'm Into

Slides for a talk I gave in honor of my mentor and friend Steffen Lempp (open in full-screen on a desktop, preferably using chrome. Click left and right to move between slides.)

I'm an avid chess player, USCF National Master since 2013. I play mostly over on lichess nowadays.

I used to be known for travelling around town on my unicycle, but it's become a bit less common.

I've become increasingly interested in Web Development. Please check out my project PaperStatusTracker. It's a great way to keep track of all your research projects, which co-author is currently working on what thing, or when and where papers were submitted.

Also, please check out LearnToBlind. It'll help you train to be able to play blindfold chess. Playing blindfold chess is great for your board visualization, which in turn is great for your tactics, planning, and overall play. Strongly recommended for players rated above 1600.

Also, please check out What Can I Eat. It's designed to help those on new medical diets learn what options they have available. Instead of a list of dos and don'ts, it gives sample menus, along with recipes, for a day or a meal which fits into your diet. Seeing some sample menus that fit into your new diet can make transitioning to the new diet a lot easier.

I'm also coorganizing the Madison Math Circle. If you're interested in giving a talk, please be in contact!

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