Faculty Teaching Awards and Student Awards

Many of our faculty and graduate students received awards for teaching in 2011. Among our faculty, a significant proportion of large lecture courses receive "Honored Instructor" awards from University Housing. These awards, determined by a student vote, recognize instructors who challenge and inspire. Last year, in particular, Uri Andrews, Florian Bertrand, Vladimir Eiderman, David Griffeath, I. Martin Isaacs, Gloria Mari-Beffa, Paul Milewski, Joseph Miller, Alexander Nagel, Donald Passman, Brian Street, Jean-Luc Thiffeault and Robert Wilson received such awards.

Three of our graduate teaching assistants received campus-wide teaching awards from the College of Letters and Science this year:

Name Award
Derek Garton Capstone Ph.D. Teaching Award
Edward Hanson Innovation in Teaching Award, L&S Teaching Fellow Award
Christelle Vincent Capstone Ph.D. Teaching Award

These awards are highly competitive with at most five winners in each category (fifteen for L&S Teaching Fellow Award) from all of UW-Madison.

In addition to these awards, several of our graduate students and undergraduate math majors were presented with teaching and research awards at this year's departmental Awards Ceremony:

Graduate Awards

Name Award
Sarah Bocking, Jingwei Hu Elizabeth Hirschfelder Award
Mike Dabkowski, Zhan Wang Excellence in Mathematical Research
Meghan DeWitt, Derek Garton, Alison Gordon, Diane Holcomb, Kayla McMahon, Aaron Peterson, David Seal, Elizabeth Skubak, Zhennan Zhou Math Dept TA Teaching Award

Undergraduate Awards

Name Award
Antonio Puglielli, Gregory Smetana AMEP Leadership Prize
Alexander Furger Prof. Linnaeus Wayland Dowling Scholarship
Wenjie Lu Higgit Scholarship
Scott Moe, Bingzhi Zhao, Nathan Bollig Frank D. Cady Scholarship
Madeline Brooks, Ben Seeger Mark H. Ingraham Scholarship
Jaime Anne Iwanski L. Newman Scholarship

2011 Putnam Competition

Last but not least, we congratulate to our 2011 Putnam Competition team members, Wenting Cai, Bijie Qiu, and Hongkai Pan, who placed 39th out of 460 teams. Individual congratulations go to Hongkai Pan, whose score of 20 put him in the top 500 nationwide, and to Wenting Cai, Zef Rosnbrick, Andrew Alt, Zhijie Gu, and Nate Sullivan, who scored at least 10 but narrowly missed the cut of 13 for the top 500. We thank Brian Rice and Uri Andrews for the outstanding job they did training the Putnam team this year.