Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs)

We run many undergraduate research projects every year, some of which are truly impressive. Here are a few examples.

Tess Anderson worked on her undergraduate Honors thesis with Prof. Mari-Beffa during the last academic year. The research they did was in the exciting area at the interface of geometry, physics, and partial differential equations. The paper based on this research was accepted in the Journal of Physics A: mathematical and theoretical. The Institute of Physics (IOP) which publishes this and many other journals, has chosen the paper for their Select collection. According to IOP, these are "Articles from the last 12 months that have been chosen by our editors for their novelty, significance and potential impact on future research." Tess has been accepted to the mathematics graduate program at Brown University, and started her work there this Fall.

Jeff Allen, Ben Seeger and Debby Unger worked with Prof. Denisov on a project studying the behavior of products of matrices which appear in the analysis of the Schrodinger equation in quantum mechanics. Analysis of the so-called resonant set, where the growth of solutions is fast, has applications in modeling of disordered quantum systems. The results of this research have been published in the leading mathematics undergraduate research journal Involve. Jeff is applying to graduate schools in mathematics this year, while Ben and Debby will be seniors at UW next year.