Mega Math Meet

Mega Math
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Each spring, our department hosts a competition for 5th and 6th grade students from communities around Madison. The Mega Math Meet was initially started by Melinda Certain, a former director of the Wisconsin Emerging Scholars Program. Student teams arrive at the Math Department in the morning with their teachers and parent chaperones. They work in teams on a set of often unusual but always interesting and accessible math problems, and there is also a test where students compete as individuals.

Mega Math
Mega Math Winners with
Professor Anderson
When they finish their tests are graded by our graduate and undergraduate students. During the grading, the participants gather in a large lecture hall where their teachers are divided in two teams to play charades, cheered on by their students. At the end of the session, the winners of the individual and team competitions are announced and awarded trophies. This year's MegaMath Meet was organized by graduate students Beth Skubak, Mike Woodbury, Christelle Vincent, Rachel Davis, Meghan Dewitt, Dan Ross, Elnur Emrah, and Balazs Strenner, along with Professor David Anderson.