Alumni News

Many of our alumni have become successful leaders both in academia and the industry. We will bring you more stories in the future but this time we would like to explore the theme of international reach of UW-Madison. Some of our alumni continue their careers abroad, making a significant impact in other countries. This carries the reputation and influence of Wisconsin mathematics far and wide, making us an attractive destination for aspiring mathematicians worldwide.

Here are just a few examples of recent worldwide successes of our alumni:

Yiming Long (Nankai University, Tianjin, China), a former graduate student of Paul Rabinowitz, has begun a 4 year term on the International Mathematical Union (IMU) Executive Committee. The IMU is the most influential international mathematics organization in the world. In particular, it is in charge of organizing every four years the International Congress of Mathematicians, the most prestigious meeting in mathematics.

Another of our former graduate students, Patricio Felmer (University of Chile, Santiago) won the 2011 National Prize in the Exact Sciences in Chile, as well as the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) 2011 Prize in Mathematics.

Myoungjean Bae, who recently obtained a PhD. under the guidance of Misha Feldman, won the 2011 best young investigator prize of the Korean Mathematical Society.

Kathrin Brigmann, who was a Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor at UW in 2004-2007, won the Alfried Krupp 1 million euro prize for her research in number theory. She is now a professor of Mathematics at the University of Cologne.

We would be very happy to hear back from all our alumni who would like to share the news of their recent achievements! Whether these are mathematics-related successes or stories of your impact on science, industry, or other areas of life, please email us at