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The first meeting of the original Tax Committee on 17 June 2005. I pay tribute to
Norm Herro and John Winner
for their contributions. (Thanks, we've come a long way.)
2009-10 Prairie Point Budget. Try printing it out.
A letter I sent Mary Ann Drescher about my tax bill in December 2008
Minutes of the Residents' Finance Committee of 27 June 2009 .
The figures (somewhat revised) showing tax inequities that were part of the discussion above.
Jo Ann's formula used for Option 2. Note that "base price" is the price of a unit before upgrade, while "base valuation" is a computed figure depending on the square footage of the unit.
The raw material for the committee discussion of 27 June. Sorry, this shows my limited web master skills.
With a little detective work, you can extract from the raw material above the following Price and Tax Information for A2's in Prairie Point.
Minutes of the meeting of the Residents' Finance Committee and members of the Adminitration on 06 July 2009 .
A section entitled BENEVOLENT RETIREMENT HOMES FOR THE AGED of a law adopted
by the State of Wisconsin in July 2009.
Minutes of the Residents' Finance Committee of 06 November 2009 .
Minutes of the meeting of Residents' Finance Committee with members of the Administration on 16 November 2009
A letter I wrote to Mary Ann Drescher concerning property tax inequities on 05 October 2009. My letter to Mary Ann Drescher of 26 Nov 20009 with her reply of 29 Nov 2009 on top. And my letter to Mary Ann of 07 April 2010 with her reply of the same date on top.

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